A note to myself


It's more of a personal note to myself so I never forget that new is well forgotten old. After many long conversations with people who find interest in my work and support me all along, I have come to a conclusion that my style changed drastically, not in a good way I must say. This change, obviously, didn't help to overcome my depression, which was connected with a continuous dissatisfaction with my old style and work (paradox?). However, all these months I've been working on a large scale which was a good practice for me, I had more space and freedom in expressing myself. My aim now is to get back to what I used to paint in 2015 - 2016, work on my mistakes properly, keep experimenting with neon and thermochromic ink, I will be also exploring vantablack's variations and its properties, don't forget that I was actually thinking of becoming a chemical technologist (I have unfinished BSc degree), my passion for science is inevitable.