Unwasted: Disturbed Gravitation


This year has turned out to be rather slow and less productive than I expected, but I don't regret. It took me 2-3 months to settle in my new studio in Brixton where I've been reviewing all my concepts, ideas and thoughts. I also left social media for some time I was just thinking a lot about its impact. The most important thing I've learnt is that if you really want to succeed and enjoy your work you have to stop pleasing others and start trusting your inner voice.

It's been a while since my last group exhibition but I'm grateful to my friend and curator who's been working hard to make this show happen. Unwasted: Disturbed Gravitation is a multidisciplinary group exhibition which is happening this December at D27 in Riga, Latvia with a private view on Thursday 7th Dec, 6pm.

Poetic peer into everyday life objects + recycle of disused materials into art. Consciousness is a central theme of an exhibition as a solution to stop destroying environment. Each individual piece of the exposition is a metaphor and serves as a dialogue with the audience attempting to erase awareness that current critical environmental condition of the planet is our collective portrait.


A series of work implies that we need to change radically our relationship with nature. A black colour represents a veil that hides values underneath a layer of toxic chemicals, smog, dust and waste, almost wiped out. Using art as a tool of environmental transformation we, as a collective, raise awareness on global environmental conditions leading to climatic catastrophes. People suffer from incompleteness, drowning in ‘great blindness’ — we were instilled that if we want something, we deserve it. The society does not even think about the consequences, living by the rule ‘what we have today is depreciated by what we want to receive tomorrow’. Avoidance of putting on glasses of truth that enable us to see on the surrounding billboards and in the newspapers ‘obey’, ‘stay asleep’, ‘buy’ and ‘no independent thought’ leads to excessive consumerism and acceptance of the status quo.

Facebook event - please click here to attend.