Bad Art: 2 Bad


“My five year old could have done that!”

Following the huge success of BAD ART, Stour Space and Anna Choutova bring you… BAD ART 2 : 2 Bad. What is bad art? Can art even be bad? I don’t know.

What separates the scribblings of a 5-year-old child from a masterpiece by Cy Twombly or Jackson Pollock? In a world where a blank canvas can sell for $15million, who decides whether artwork is genius or a disaster?

A group of artists have come together to showcase works that discuss this very question. BAD ART is a celebration of all things deemed unsuitable in the world of high art but also to your average viewer. The exhibition aims to question why certain art is ‘bad’ while other art hangs gloriously in the National Gallery, or why one person’s pretty seascape is to another the epitome of kitsch.

The launch of Bad Art featured a v*gina-faced Mona Lisa, crude drawings of Simon Cowell, photographs of worms, a painting of a falafel sign and a youtube tutorial of how to look your sexiest for a funeral… just to name a few. Bad Art 2 will showcase and hero work that challenges the seriousness of contemporary art. Proudly hang up that weird drawing of your cat, dirty up the gallery’s pristine white walls with paintings of toilets and vibrators.

The show will feature a curated selection of works from established and emerging artists. With a mixture of painting, drawing, video and sculpture, these artists aim to experiment and push traditional expectations of subject, technique and seriousness in contemporary art.