So proud to see 'My Code' featured on the inside of the back cover of Art Maze Mag issue IV. Find your hard copy of the magazine in New York (McNally Jackson Books), Berlin (Do You Read Me!?), London (White Cube Gallery and MagCulture), Bath (Magalleria) and Brighton (Magazine Brighton). Digital and hard copies can also be purchased here:


Light sculptures and installations by Dan Flavin, James Turrell, David Batchelor, Leo Villareal, Rachel Harding, James Clar and Carlos Ceuz Diez literally stole my heart, filled my soul with so much passion and nudged me to consider light as a powerful medium which undeniebly has its own charm and magnetism. Back in 2013 I saw my very first 'Flavin' in Tate Modern and it was such a beautiful and memorable moment. Today, I'm working on a new series of work where light installations will play a role of my canvas - I hope you'll enjoy the result which I'll share with you very, very soon.


Artigon's group exhibition at Stour Space presented 8 emerging and recent graduate artists-to-watch: Rosie Crawley, Samuel Eyles, Cara Jean Flynn, Yuen-Ying Lam, Rosa Luetchfrod, Lydia Merrett, Jeanne Roche and Valerie Savchits. On show are a range of diverse disciplines, from collage and painting to sculpture and installation.

Launched Saturday 22nd July, 7pm – late, free entry
Open daily until Sunday 6th August, 9am – late, free entry


Artigon is an art platform that was created to support and maintain emerging and graduate artists in creative roles, inspiring them to continue with their practice, meet and collaborate with other artists and run creative workshops. Our aim is encourage and support artists in their pursuit of creative careers increasing opportunities for them within an exciting, ever changing project outside the usual academic surroundings.

Launches Saturday 22nd July, 7pm – late, free entry
Open daily until Sunday 6th August, 9am – late, free entry

For Artigon’s latest show, Emerge, we are giving a range of talented artists the opportunity to showcase their work and to deliver creative and collaborative workshops. It is their time to shine. Bright colors, bold figures and dynamic compositions are the way to do it. On show are a range of diverse disciplines, from collage and painting to sculpture and installation.



It took me longer than I expected to launch my shop, but everything is sorted out now. You can purchase any of my work by using PayPal or credit/debit card in 3 easy steps: 1) Go to my Shop; 2) Click Purchase or Add to Cart; 3) Enter your address and bank details... And voilà! 

I offer international shipping and for your convenience all parcels will be delivered to your doors beautifully wrapped (yes, yes I'm one of those who are totally obsessed with wrapping). 

If you have any questions regarding shipment, prices, or if you're having trouble placing an order you can email me at, send me a private message through Contact Me form, you can also leave a comment here or find me on social media. I usually reply within 24 hours.

Get it before it's gone:

Work featured in Cultural Kapital Magazine

Thank you CKM for the feature on your blog:

"CKM loves the way in which Savchits's work subverts familiar artistic and cultural symbols (addressing race politics in Manet's Olympia, and ethnic stereotypes by using Russian dolls), as well as gendered colour palettes (by uglying the colour pink) to create art which challenges received notions of aesthetics, raising questions of identity in post-soviet societies, the art world and elsewhere."

Read full article here:


I had such a tremendous opportunity to collaborate with a premium British accessories brand Paul's Boutique. I teamed up with PB's team to create a one off piece for their spring marketing campaign.

Join Paul's Boutique giveaway with the chance to win this colourful mess I created exclusively for them. Read my full interview here for more information:


Hotel Elephant is pleased to announce the winners of Hotel Elephant's first Small Commissioning Program. This program has commissioned six new pieces of work to be made by recent graduate artists; Anthi Kougia, Mafalda Jacinto, Jules Varnedoe, Karolina Magnusson, Leon Platt, Tanya Fryer, Tim Alexander and Valerie Savchits. These new works will be exhibited at Hotel Elephant’s Spare Street gallery and public space between 30th March and 20th April 2017.

Born to a Russian-speaking family near the Baltic Sea in Latvia, Valerie Savchits uses a wide array of materials and techniques - from oil paintings and graffiti to neon installations and spray painted sculptures. Her work explores ideas of identity and reversed aesthetics as well as issues and struggles of a post-soviet generation.

Hotel Elephant’s Small Commissioning Program has been funded through Southwark Council’s Arts Grants scheme and forms part of Hotel Elephant’s wider Creative Enterprise Program. The Small Commissioning Program was open to artists who have graduated in last three years and the successful applicants will receive £500 towards creating the new work, along with an exhibition at Hotel Elephant.

Emily Woodhouse, Director and Curator at Hotel Elephant said “We are delighted with the response to our first small commissioning program for recent graduates. We received over 40 applications spanning a vast selection of practices, all were of a very high standard! This really underline for us that not only is there a wealth of talent graduating from Universities each year, but that opportunities such as this play a vital role in helping to establish artist careers”

The exhibition will showcase a vast array of works featuring textile, video, sculpture, neon, abstract painting, performative and participatory events.


I'm really honoured to have been chosen for ArtMaze Magazine's issue II. This spring find your hard copy of the magazine in New York (McNally Jackson Books), Berlin (Do You Read me!?), London (White Cube Gallery and MagCulture), Bath (Magalleria) and Brighton (Magazine Brighton). Digital and hard copies can also be purchased here:


"Latvian-born artist Valerie Savchits uses a wide array of materials and techniques in her artwork including oil paint, spray paint and neon installations. Her work has been exhibited at the Tate Modern, Saatchi Gallery and BBC Live, as well as many digital publications. Here she talks with us about what drives her work, and how she gets her art out there to the world."

Read my full interview on Creative Founders blog:


Everyone is invited to be Rejected at Rum Factory Bow Arts. Open Call invites everyone to their upcoming exhibition Rejected. Each encapsulating the theme individually, the exhibition features both national and international artists and seeks to turn these individual visions into a communal dialogue. Open Call is a platform that encourages situations and ideas to flow organically. "Mona" (2017) will be on display for the first time alongside my black nesting dolls "War and Peace" (2016).


See my work featured in Sukeban Gang Magazine:

Sukeban (スケバン/女番/スケ番) means delinquent girl or boss girl in Japanese, equivalent to the male bancho. Sukeban is an online platform that encourages and supports aspiring creatives who want to find other like-minded individuals to work with, as well as establish themselves within their chosen industry.

This is a place for photographers, artists, stylists, designers and writers to showcase their talents, as well as find inspiration for future projects. Above all, they offer a place for women to work collaboratively alongside other women.


If you see the barriers and alarms that separate you from the artwork at museums as a personal affront, this exhibit is for you. Get all up close and personal with artwork at this interactive exhibit, featuring pieces by both emerging and well-known artists (no names announced yet though). Not only is touching allowed, but it's encouraged, aiming to create a more personal and intimate experience between the audience and the art.

"War and Peace" (2016) is on display for one night only at Bones & Pearl Art Studios.



Medeia Cohan, AAF's brand new Recent Graduates’ Curator, talks us through her thinking behind this year’s display and shares her top tips on getting started as an emerging artist.

‘For this years Recent Graduates’ Exhibition I wanted to take advantage of the evolving layout of the fair and present something ambitious and perhaps unfamiliar. I very much see this exhibition in two parts: In the atrium, right at the front of the fair, is my pick of the most exciting painters that were discovered at the last round of UK degree shows. In this section, I’ve focused on six artists and curated a series of mini solo presentations, each showcasing a number of works, many previously unseen. By doing so, I aim to provide a strong context and a deeper insight into the work of each artist.

‘As visitors explore the fair, they’ll discover four special commissions that make up the second part of the Recent Graduates’ Exhibition. For these sections, I have selected four artists – Jake Grewal, Bex Ilsley, Holly Muir and Tom Stewart – encouraging each to propose an experimental installation that stretches the established confines of an art fair. The results are engaging and interactive, challenging and thoughtful. I hope these provide an alternative experience, while emphasising the diversity of work emerging from UK art schools.’

"My Future My Past", "Don't Make Me Hate My Generation", "War and Peace" are not to be missed this October at Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park.


My work "Not My Hell", "Love You Ugly", "My Future My Past" and "Suffocation" will be on display this August at Curwen Gallery as part of The Northern Graduates exhibition curated by Henry Walsh.

Work by selected 2016 graduates from the art schools of Northern England:

  • Lydia Blakeley, Elle Heeley, Aisha Hou, Bertie Chapman, Roxanne Shanks - Leeds College of Art & Design
  • Lewis Pathak, Cecily Shrimpton, Valerie Savchits – Salford University
  • Dale Harmer – Northumbria University
  • Anne McCartney – Sunderland University
  • Joshua Raz – Newcastle University  


“My five year old could have done that!”

Following the huge success of BAD ART, Stour Space and Anna Choutova bring you… BAD ART 2 : 2 Bad. What is bad art? Can art even be bad? I don’t know.

What separates the scribblings of a 5-year-old child from a masterpiece by Cy Twombly or Jackson Pollock? In a world where a blank canvas can sell for $15million, who decides whether artwork is genius or a disaster?

A group of artists have come together to showcase works that discuss this very question. BAD ART is a celebration of all things deemed unsuitable in the world of high art but also to your average viewer. The exhibition aims to question why certain art is ‘bad’ while other art hangs gloriously in the National Gallery, or why one person’s pretty seascape is to another the epitome of kitsch.

The launch of Bad Art featured a v*gina-faced Mona Lisa, crude drawings of Simon Cowell, photographs of worms, a painting of a falafel sign and a youtube tutorial of how to look your sexiest for a funeral… just to name a few. Bad Art 2 will showcase and hero work that challenges the seriousness of contemporary art. Proudly hang up that weird drawing of your cat, dirty up the gallery’s pristine white walls with paintings of toilets and vibrators.

The show will feature a curated selection of works from established and emerging artists. With a mixture of painting, drawing, video and sculpture, these artists aim to experiment and push traditional expectations of subject, technique and seriousness in contemporary art.